• Coppa Pistachio

    Custard gelato swirled together with chocolate and pistachio gelato, topped with praline pistachios

    Coppa Pistachio
  • Coppa Caffe

    Fior di latte gelato with rich coffee and pure cocoa swirl

    Coppa Caffe
  • Pyramid

    Chocolate mousse on a chocolate sponge cake base with a crunchy gianduia (chocolate and hazelnut) center, dusted with cocoa powder and decorated with white chocolate drops

  • Kid’s Bear

    Chocolate gelato decorated with chocolate ear and face

    Kid’s Bear
  • Bomba

    Classic vanilla and chocolate gelato separated by a cherry and sliced almonds covered in cinnamon, finished with a chocolate coating

  • Exotic Bomba

    Mango, passion fruit and raspberry sorbetto, all covered in white chocolate and drizzled with chocolate

    Exotic Bomba
  • Coconut Ripieno

    Creamy coconut sorbetto served in the natural fruit shell

    Coconut Ripieno
  • Orange Ripieno

    Orange sorbetto served in the natural fruit shell

    Orange Ripieno
  • Chocolate Duo Mousse

    Candied cherries separate a layer of white and dark chocolate mousse on a base of chocolate sponge cake, finished with chocolate shavings

    Chocolate Duo Mousse
  • Mango Mousse

    Mango mousse on a sponge base, decorated with mango glaze

    Mango Mousse
  • Mini Key Lime Cheesecake

    A cookie crumb base topped with key lime infused cheesecake decorated with a key lime glaze

    Mini Key Lime Cheesecake
  • Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge Cake

    Alternating layers of rich fudgy cake and smooth chocolate butter cream, covered with chocolate shavings

    Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge Cake
  • Tempura Ice Cream

    Flashed-fried vanilla ice cream, in tempura-style pound cake crust

    Tempura Ice Cream
  • Fried Banana with Ice Cream

    A fresh fried banana with your choice of ice cream

    Fried Banana with Ice Cream
  • Mochi

    Your choice of: Green Tea or Red Bean

  • Ice Cream

    Your choice of: vanilla, chocolate, green tea, or red bean

    Ice Cream