• SCB Junmai Ginjo (Junmai Ginjo) Dry

    • Bottle (300ml) 17.00

    Highly polished rice and a distinctive strain of yeast are used to create a silky – smooth, rich texture and an appealing, fruity flavor

  • SCB Sierra Cold (Junmai Medium) Dry

    • Bottle (300ml) 17.00

    Takara sierra cold is an innovation in sake brewing with only 12% alcohol, using a specially developed yeast. The result is a light and refreshing ginjo type sake

  • Shirakabegura (Tokubetsu Junmai) Dry

    • Bottle (300ml) 18.00

    Fermented slowly and carefully at low temperature, the result is a rich and mellow sake with a great rice – based aroma

  • SCB Nigori (Junmai) Very Sweet

    • Bottle (375ml) 17.00

    Well know nigori in USA. It is coarsely – filtered and the sweetest of all our types of sake

  • REI (Junmai Ginjo Draft) Medium

    • Bottle (300ml) 18.00

    Bright aroma of premium ginjo and fresh draft character in one bottle

  • Ozeki (Junmai Daiginjo) Dry

    • Bottle (300ml) 23.00

    A refreshing light and dry sake with fruity aroma made only from 100% premium sake

  • MIO (Sparkling Sake) Sweet

    • Bottle (300ml) 20.00

    Refreshing, fruity and unique sweet aroma. Crafted in the traditional brewing style, with rice, water and koji

  • Icubota Senju (Ginjo) Dry

    • Bottle (300ml) 18.00
  • Nanbu Bijin (Daigino) Gluten Free

    • Bottle (300ml) 30.00
  • Mo Mo Mo (Peach Sake) Dry

    • Bottle (375ml) 20.00
  • Horin (Junmai Daiginjo) Semi – Dry

    • Bottle(720ml) 48.00

    Horin has a delicately fruity note, its subtle flavors are well – balanced, and it is smooth with a long clean finish