Do we need to reserve a hibachi table for lunch?
Danny Munden
What a fantastic experience this isn't just a restaurant it's a whole dining experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening the staff were amazing, warm, polite and so much fun. Our chef perfectly gauged his audience and played well to the crowd also serving up fabulous food and sake! Many thanks for a spectacular evening
Joe pavelski
While the food was good. I still had a few problems with the restaurant. During my experience at wasabi my wife was assaulted by a walrus. She was the main provider for our family since I was on disability after getting schmanked in the Stanley Cup. After the incident my wife was in a coma and still has not woken, this had made me a very bitter man I picked up drinking which helped in the short term but long term made my life a living hell. I eventually only started getting pleasure from beating my son and kissing my daughter. I would like to give it one more try but since you dont accept welfare checks i do not think i will be attending your restaurant for the time being.
Elizabeth Foulke
Hi, I would like to order a gift certificate. How can I do that? Thanks! Elizabeth
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