William Vaughan
Went for GF's birthday. Warm welcome and food is always delicious. Denise got a special birthday chant with a big drum and a balloon hat. Also love the attention from Gary. Will be going again within the month for my birthday. A+++
Michelle Wiktorowski
I am SO dissappointed in my visit tonight. First time I have been disappointed at this location. Brandon took GREAT care of us. He seemed a little busy with other tables, so we didn’t get as much attention as I am used to at this establishment but he still did well. My dissatisfaction was with the cook. I purposely took my 2 year old to habachi becaus she enjoyable it and usually gets entertainment. The cook was not only EXTREMLY boring but barely talked except when he asked how we wanted things cooked I was going to take my son to a restaurant near home but went out of my way to go here and I am VERY disappointed. Seems as if the fun is only on Friday or Saturday’s here. I will not be back for awhile. May even drive a little to a different Habachi restaurant. So sad.
Gerry rock
Great food great people. Great atmosphere
Great food great atmosphere
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