Joe pavelski
While the food was good. I still had a few problems with the restaurant. During my experience at wasabi my wife was assaulted by a walrus. She was the main provider for our family since I was on disability after getting schmanked in the Stanley Cup. After the incident my wife was in a coma and still has not woken, this had made me a very bitter man I picked up drinking which helped in the short term but long term made my life a living hell. I eventually only started getting pleasure from beating my son and kissing my daughter. I would like to give it one more try but since you dont accept welfare checks i do not think i will be attending your restaurant for the time being.
Elizabeth Foulke
Hi, I would like to order a gift certificate. How can I do that? Thanks! Elizabeth
It's a great place,great food and great help. Management Kenny and Gary are real nice and cordial. As an accountant I needed a place nearby to take clients to lunch, this is it. Nice atmosphere
How do I become a Loyalty Points member? Thanks!
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